Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey Hey Hey

Hey hey hey!
Well another week down, can you believe it?! Everyone looked like they enjoyed their Thanksgiving, I did too :) The whole zone was invited over and they had turkey, rolls, pumpkin pie, and that was pretty much it for the American food. They also had rice (substitute for mashed potatoes) and a vegetable salad thing, but here the people LOVE their mayo, like they put it on everything. So it was just cooked vegetable with mayo... But it was super fun and delicious :) Surprisingly, nobody was in a very Thanksgiving mood on Thanksgiving, we had 2 investigators tell us to not come back... even after we just finished doing service for the lady for like an hour.. what the heck right?! Rebeca is getting baptized this saturday!!! We have been praying for her like CRAZY so she will understand and gain a testimony of what we are teaching her.. the power of prayer is, well, powerful!! haha She's doing so great and loves the church :) We're super excited. We also found a friend for her mom, her mom can't read and there's a convert that can't read either and she's an older lady.. perfect right? My comp thought I was so mean, but hey it works right? This week it was the birthday of one of the hermana's in my district, Hna Pack, she's from Pleasant Grove Utah, she and her comp don't get along super super well, so I knew I had to do something to make her birthday special! We planned a surprise party for her during district meeting, the Elders decorated and I bought her a cake and juice. When we went to buy the cake we chose one because the lady said it was chocolate, perfect! We were waiting for them to box it up and I was looking at the picutres of the cakes and the names of them and noticed the cake we chose was called Tiramisu.. well usually that's coffee. I asked the lady (who is a member) if the cake has coffee in it. She said no ad showed us the ingredients. There was one ingredient that I didn't know, and she didn't know either, but she said it's probably a kind of chocolate. We were going to be sharing this cake with missionaries and the Zone leaders so I wanted to be sure. I asked if she would call the company and ask what the ingredient was... well sure enough it was a type of alcohol!!!! Ahhh can you imagine? haha But she was like, you gals really do listen to the spirit, thank you, I'm never ordering the cake again! It was pretty funny, and Hna Pack loved her surprise party even with a fruit cake :) haha Have a great week! Love you!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                  Sisters on Thanksgiving!
                                               We're like best friends! (Hermana Pack)
                                           The whole district on Hermana Pack's bday.
                                                      A little cold on Thanksgiving!
                                                  Thanksgiving Dinner!
                                              The whole District at Thanksgiving Dinner!!
                                                       Can we say Yummy?
                                                               The car ride back
                                       Trying to warm up with hot chocolate Sunday morning!

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