Monday, October 27, 2014

Hermana Brems, como las Salchichas...

Why hello everyone!
How was your week? Mine was pretty good here in Salama, it was a little bit of a roller coaster, but that's the mission life :) We'll get the bad news over with, our baptism that we were going to have can't get baptized, his mom won't sign the baptism papers... so sad. We're going to work with her a lot, he really wants to be baptized and I know with faith and lots of prayers she'll come around! Changes, I am staying in my same area with Hermana Portillo!!!!! Wooooohoooooo!! I'm pretty excited :) Hermana Benavides is going to Peten, she's not so excited, but that's where the Lord needs her, so how can she complain, right?! This week we taught a family, well, boyfriend/girlfriend. She's a less active member and they've been dating for 2 years. But holy smokes, he wants to be baptized, get married legally and in the temple!! He definitely has his eyes on the prize- eternal life!! Hahaha it made me so happy! They've visited the temple in the Cap and he has a picture of it. Hopefully we'll be able to get them married soon and him baptized so they can start for time and all eternity soon :) The funniest thing happened Saturday morning at 4am. I was sound asleep and all of the sudden I hear Hna Benavides say, Hermana Brems someone is trying to break in!! I leaped out of bed (with pinky in hand) grabbed the phone and had the zl's number ready. Then I came to my senses and went and looked what was going on.. the wind was making the door to the room shake a little bit, that's all! But we have been laughing about it since then, my heart was racing so fast!! haha About the title, I never realized how hard 'Brems' was to say until I came here, but luckily there' a brand of salchichas (hot dogs) that is Bremins, so that's how I introduce myself now, the people get a kick out of it everytime :) hahaha Well, that's about it for me, have a wonderful week everyone! I love you so much, thank you for your prayers and support! 
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                     Dyed chick! So cute right?!
                                  The water here in Salama is great huh?
                                                         Bus ride!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let it Go, Let it Gooooo!

Hello everyone!
Another week down, the time is flying by right?! We have transfers next week.. I can hardly believe it. It's kind of a good thing that this change was a shorter one, being in a trio is tough... We had to have companionship inventory twice this week. Comp inventory is when you and your comp talk about whats going on, what we're doing well and what we need to improve on, usually it includes lots of tears... But we're good now, I'm just trying to remember that patience is a virtue, it's hard living with 2 Latinas... but other than that we're doing well. 
One reason we had to have comp inventory is because our area is not progressing, one of the hermana's does not like letting people go, even when they haven't progressed in months, so we had to talk about that. Finally we're down to the last week of 'this is the last time we're going to visit them.' haha! But we have a date for a baptism! His name is Jonathan, he is 14 years old, missionaries have been teaching him for like a year, but he's finally ready now! We just need to track down his mom so she can sign the paper so he can be baptized. I have faith that Heavenly Father will help us if we put in our best effort!
So we had a miracle happen yesterday, we called a ton of people before church to see if they were going to come, one of the hermana's said she would come but asked for us to wait for her in the park. Our church building is about 20 minutes away from our area so we take a bus, we got there at 12:25, she said she'd get there at 12:30... we waited until 1:15 in the park, church starts at 1. We walked in with our heads down realizing that they had already started with the talks.. we were so sad, hna portillo started crying, we had missed the sacrament.... We decided to check one more time to see if the hermana was outside and sure enough, she and her husband were just standing outside not sure whether or not to come in. We brought them in and the Elders said they hadn't passed the sacrament yet because they didn't have bread and they'd do it at the end. How blessed can we be? Well that's me! Have a great week everyone! :)
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                My umbrella is big enough!
                                                  We went for a hike today
                                                  I think I tired them out!!
                                                          Nice place for a pose!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hot Dog

Well this week was kinda funny, I got burned twice and a dog got stuck in my skirt during a lesson. How is everyone doing?! My little trio and I had a great week, we worked hard as always and had fun, I'm really really enjoying the mission! We also had Zone Conference, it was fun seeing lot of familiar faces, lots of people were excited to see me back in the field! President gave a good talk, he likened the Mission Coban to the Book of Mormon, how there are so many wars and battles in the BoM and right now in Coban, we're in a war. He also said that we are in the world, but we're apart from it because we're set apart and we need to recognize that always, I had never thought about that! We really are different, in a good way :) This week we visited a few less active families or families in the ward just to share a message, they were SO appreciative of our visit. All of them told us that they had had problems this week or last week and were struggling and our message totally changed their frame of mind. All of them said that, it really made me realize how much the Holy Ghost guides us and directs us, all we need to do is listen. The funny thing was, all of those families, both of the parents were returned missionaries. I know life after the mission will fulll of happiness, but there will always be trials to face, but trials always make us stronger :) All of the less active families that we visited this week came to church! It was so fun to see them, everyone was super welcoming to them in the branch and they said they felt so good to be in the Lord's house. Okay, burns... we were teaching a lesson and a toddler was putting a stick in the fire and things started to fall out of the fire and I didn't want him to get burnt so I grabbed his waist and pulled him toward me, he accidently but the stick that was on fire on my leg.. no big though, I'm fine! The next burn, a member family invited us over and wanted me to make them something american to eat.. my go to cinnamon french toast. I was flipping the toast and butter flipped up and burnt my hand.. it hurt so bad and it was really really red. Oh did I pray and pray and pray that it would get better because I was kinda worried. I woke up, completely normal. Never underestimate the power of prayer, never!! And we were teaching a lesson and a dog was walking under the table and got caught up in my skirt, good thing it was under the table because I struggled for like 5 minutes trying to release him! hahaha oh good times! Well that's everything, it's been a great week and we're hoping for another great one! I love you all, thank you for all of your support, love and prayers, they are so appreciated :) Love you!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                       My Desk
                                                       Our Beds
                                I changed the light, standing on a chair, on a table!          
             I was stuck in the tree, but my comps said I looked pretty in distress : ha ha
                              Coming home from zone conference, tired little soldiers….
                                                      3 musketeers!
           With a girl in the branch,her brother just got his mission call to Guadalajara East mission! and she's getting ready to go herself:)
                                             UofU!! Just for you daddy!!!
                                                        Room for clothes!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Devoted Discples!

Hey there!
Ahhh I'm shaking with excitement as I'm writing! The first week back in the field has been better than I expected, but of course a little bit of a roller coaster! I'm doing really well, I love my area, the people here are so nice, the members are always wanting to have us over and go on visitis with us! It's so nice! It's a lot cooler than my previous areas as well, thank goodness! I always thought that being in a trio would be awful, but I'm enjoying it a lot! My companions are Hermana Benavides from Nicaragua and Hermana Portillo from Honduras. Hna Portillo is being trained and has kind of been struggling, poor gal, (she's the short one). She told me the other day that her whole first change she had been praying that a North American would be her companion and that I am an answer to her prayers, how sweet right?! The house we live in is super nice too, we live on the 3rd story so there are 78 stairs, dragging my suit cases that all weighed 50 lbs was tough... but I really like it! How did everyone like conference?! It was really good huh? We used a phone from a member to listen to it in English, not ideal, but it's better than listening to it in spanish, so I won't complain! We had 4 investigators in the session when Elder Bednar spoke directly to the people that are not members of the church, it was perfect! I love that he said devoted disciples of Jesus Christ are always missionaries in every sense. Not his words exactly, but I had a hard time Saturday afternoon after conference, I was missing home, but I heard that and my way of looking at the mission has changed. I am a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, whom I know is my Savior and Redeemer. My spanish is coming back, my comps like to help me... I don't understand a lot, but in the lessons I'm solid so that's all that matters, the Spirit can speak to the people, not me, right?! haaha! I'm doing pretty well with adjusting to the Latin life, just not moving SO SLOW.... ahhh patience hermana Brems... hahaha! But yeah, everything is going really well. Oh I have a new address for letters, it's Mision Guatemala Coban
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02 zona 3
Coban AV 16001
Guatemala C.A.
I love you all so much, thank you for everything, for your prayers, support and love! Talk to you next week!
Love, Hermana Brems

                  Hermana Benavides (tall one) me and Hermana Portillo (short one)
                                                My area…so pretty huh?!
                                            Just crossing a bridge
                                                      At Conference

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brace For Impact!

Oh Hi everyone!
I made it to Coban and I'm headed to my area of Salama in Verapaz pretty quick. I got to the airport and Hermana De Leon was there to pick me up, she heard I was coming back and since she's living in the cap came to the airport! I stayed in the CCM last night and woke up at 4 to make the trip to Coban, it took 8 hours because there was an accident. I know I'm in a trio, I'm going to be helping an hermana finish training, I guess she's kinda having a hard time.. I'm so excited to be back!! Hermana Curtiss gave me a big hug and said I was her hero. I haven't gotten to talk to her or the President yet though, we have a zone meeting next week. Oh and this change is only 4 weeks, so that's different too! Not only is it different being thrown back in the field (brace for impact) I had the bumpiest landing ever!! But we survived! I'm doing great, I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and happy :) Thanks for everything! I love you all so much!