Monday, February 24, 2014

¿Por què murmuràis?

Hello hello!
I had a great week this week, I feel like everyday goes by faster and the weeks are just flying by! We had some really fantastic lessons and then some others that were absolutely ridiculous! haha 
We went to pick up one of the hermanas in the rama to go with us because it was 5:30 and she wasn't there, so we were just waiting for a few minutes. One of her grandsons ran up to us and was like, will you please teach my mom and invite her to church? His mom has been baptized, but doesn't want anything to do with the church and neither does her boyfriend, it's hard on her mom because they live together.. She was picking up trash in her yard so we offered to help her, haha she had no choice but to listen to us after that :) A couple of girls in dresses picking up trash is one way to your heart I guess! So we had her son say the prayer and during the lesson he was so excited!! Jumping up and down, running around, grabbing their himnario and Libro de Mormon, it was the cutest thing ever! We also had 3 sweet angelitas come to church with us yesterday, it really was a miracle. We had investigators planned to come with us, but of course they couldn't.. fijase hermanitas.. that's all we hear! ugh! But we had been teaching their mom and older sister, but they were busy, but the little girls ASKED if they could come with us!! We had never talked to them, they had no idea who we were or where we were going, but hey, it was so cute! I gave them my picture book during sacrament meeting and they loved looking at pictures and drawing some of the temples.
We had on crazy lesson. We weren't planning on teaching this guy, but he said we could share a message so we were just making small talk until we came up with an idea. We just talked about how he is the head of the house and needs to be an example and blah blah blah. Then he started, he basically called us liars and that the Book of Mormon was a lie.. oh man, once he said that we were not happy! We had him look up 2 Nephi 29:3, 6-8 haha! It just says por que murmurais because we have another word of God basically.. he didn't really have anything to say after that :) But I don't think we'll go back for a little while.
Today we went to Yaxha for P-day! It was way fun, it's like Tikal, but smaller! I just love Guatemala and the rich history here!
Have a wonderful week and talk to you shortly :) Love you all so much!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                         Some little kids in our rama!
                                          How many chickens can you see in the tree?  (4)
                                                        Hna De Leon!!
                                                       Just looking out over my kingdom..
                                                            More of me…haha

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hermanita Canchita Mormonita

Yup, that's what you hear when I walk by anyone! haha
How are all you doing?! Sounds like you all had a wonderful week, filled with lots of love (for Valentines Day!) And holy smokes my sister is engaged, I have a new neice, and Elder Del Toro is District Leader?!?! Funny how fast things can change when your not in the thick of things, right?!
This week was way sweet, our numbers might not have been too hot, but we worked really hard and followed the Spirit in everything we did. When I say everything I mean it! We were walking down a street and a few weird things happened and Hermana De Leon just looked at each other and turned around because we did not feel good about it. I don't know if anything happened in that area later.. but oh well! We had a really cool experience this week too, always we have cool experiences.. it's the work of the Lord! haha But we contacted a lady and she told us that her daughter is a member, but inactive. We tried to visit her that day, but she wasn't there. Then someone else in our district asked us about her on yesterday, which was way weird because we had never heard of this lady in the past 10 weeks, and then 2 people told us that we should visit her in the past 2 days! We went and visited her and shared a scripture and she kinda broke down. She had had some rough times in the past 2 days... coincidence? no! So we just talked to her and cleared up some doubts and told her she has 2 best friends, us! It was way sweet.
We had District Conference this Sunday which means President and Hermana Curtiss came up and gave a talk! Hahaha talk about cincho de Presidente :) He had all of the missionaries stand up and told everyone to look at us because we are angels and that they better believe it! And then he explained that we have a rule that we can't be out in the street without a member after 5:30. Then he said 'and you know what happens when they are in their room? Do you want to know? Nothing. Nothing, that's what. ABSOLUTEMENTE nada.' It was the best. All of us missionaries were ABSOLUTEMENTE dying laughing! It's true though, we can't do this work alone, and they want to have a stake, but don't really want to work...
I sure love you all! Have a wonderful week :)
Hermana Brems
                                                    Proof, I can flip tortillas!
          From last week, we had gotten soaked like 3 times…this little guy is nuts!
                                  Somewhere over the rainbow :)
                                             We got souvenirs!!!! How cool right?!
                                     Vos! I love this picture…...
                                   Today, just chill in in Flores :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Seed Planters

Hello Again!
I hope your week was wonderful, I always look forward to hearing from all of you! I am so grateful that I have family and friends that I love and miss, :) I know it's something that not everyone has in the world,
So this week went by way fast, I hardly remember what happened! Everything is just kinda a blurr, everyone told me that would happen and of course I never thought my time would come when I would have those same feelings. But something major did happen that basically changed my mission, I read a talk by Elder Holland, he always lights it up! If I ever need a pep talk for something serious he's going to be the first person I call, (after you mom!). So I knew everything that he said in his talk, but it just hit me this week, I have always known missionary work isn't my work, it's the sacred work of our Heavenly Father, but that really hit me.. I just have to give everything I can and the Lord will point me in the right direction. This work is the most glorious and hardest work in the world, but it's so cool to think that I am on the same team, doing the same thing as the Prophet and Apostles, men we all look up to! How cool is that? It's like  being in the huddle with Larry Fitzgerald, or being on the same relay team as Michael Phelps, but even better!! I only have 15 more months of this work, only 15 months and these men do this work their whole lives without complaining! Okay, who wants to go on a mission now?! Yup, that's how I felt too :)
I don't know why, but Hermana De Leon and I are ALWAYS teaching kids!! We don't look for them, but we always find them... ugh! I really feel like my mission is all about setting an example and planting the seed of the gospel in their hearts. Before my mission I was like, I'm totally going to baptize like 50 people, but I've come to realize, being an example and planting a seed is just as important as having a baptism. Yeah it's cool to say that you had a bunch, but it's just as important to know that someday the people that I'm teaching will be baptized and I had an influence in their lives!
We helped Cony make tortillas.. always haha! We visited her like everyday, just to say hi. We also invited lots of people to be baptized and 2 of the women we are very hopeful! I just love my mission and I know this is the most important work in the world! If you can't tell, I am one happy missionary :)
I love you all and I miss you so much! I'm working as hard as I can :)
Love, Hermanita Brems
(everyone refers to us as HERMANITAS!!)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Have to know the bad to recognize the good!

Hey guys!
Another interesting week in Guatemala! We didn't have any more lizard encounters, thank goodness, but we did have some ups and downs.. again! Ahhh.. haha! But weeks like this just make me realize how Heavenly Father must feel when we make a wrong choice. I absolutely love my job, having the ability to share the gospel with everyone I can and being a representative of Jesus Christ, life doesn't get much better than that right?! 
We started teaching a lady that works in a tortilleria, her name is Cony and she has 3 kids. We shared a little message with her, but she was working so it was hard for her to pay much attention. We made an appointment for another day when she would be on a break in her house. Anyway.. my stories are always so long, sorry! haha When we were planning what we were going to teach the night before the lesson, we had no idea, we prayed that we would know what she needed, but nothing came. We got to her house the next day and still had no idea, let's just say it started our a little awkward, but holy smokes, it got so good after the prayer and song! We invited her to be baptized at the very start of the lesson, we never do that and we both thought it was weird, but she was like, that's exactly what I wanted to talk about today! SAY WHAT?! Yeah, she came to church with us on Sunday, and is super excited for our next cita! We want to start teaching her husband to so she has support from him, and we need to make sure they are married... haha!
Now for the sad part... Carlos broke our hearts this week. On Wednesday he was totally fine, totally happy and still shining bright like a diamond, then came Saturday.. he was a totally different person. He told us he had a dream and that in his dream he was told that another church would bring him more blessings in his life.. we were like okay, but we know this church is true and you do too! And then he told us that we couldn't know anything is true about this church. Hna De Leon and I literally teared up in the lesson. We both bore our testimonies to him, but he wouldn't listen. His whole countenance had changed, he wouldn't smile, he wasn't paying attention, and he just had a dark cloud over his head.. 
It's a new week though, we're working so hard and trying our best! I love you all so much! Thanks for your letters and support!
Hermana Brems
                 This is how I feel when I study Spanish…all of those words are for the word 'get'                                                                        
                            Woohoo! We didn't drive it, don't worry!
                                 Carambola fruit, how cool huh?!
                    He was a little angry!! I didn't want to get too close!
            That's what I call a hill! (Hermana Brems is standing at the top)
                           A little slice of heaven! I mean my area...