Monday, November 24, 2014

An Attitude of Gratitude :)

Hello hello family and friends!!
This week was so great, every week is always so different and a nice surprise so it makes the time go by way fast! Can you believe I've been back for 2 months? So so so crazy. And it's Thanksgiving Thursday and we're a month away from Christmas. ALL of the missionaries in both zones are invited over to a members house for Thanksgiving, I'm way excitied :) I'm praying for mashed potatoes and stuffing! (I know the rolls won't even come close to those of my mom's so I'm not thinking of those..) haha Something funny, we had a zone fast this week, we start after lunch and fast until the next afternoon, finishing right before lunch. The member that makes us lunch didn't have anything ready for us the day we finished our 24 hour fast... we were starving, so she went and bought 4 hot dogs (which are about 3 inches long) and an advocado.. that was our lunch after fasting.. 2 hot dog and a half of an advocdo, and grape soda.. an attitude of gratitude, I'm thankful for the food.. :) But this week we had a surprise visit from President and Hermana Curtiss! They shared a talk with us from Jeffrey R. Holland about the Godhead and told us how we need to focus on teaching that because the investigators can't progress if they don't know who their Heavenly Father is. After we watched the talk we did practices, but in front of everyone. Hermana Pack (not my comp) and I were told we were going to teach President in front of everyone (keep calm keep calm) haha but we taught him and I asked a question and he had us stop after I asked a question. He asked all of the misionaries in the room if they felt the atmosphere change after the question, because it was inspired. SO COOL RIGHT?!?! I don't even remember what I said so it definitely didn't come from my mind haha. We had such a good lesson with Rebeca, the first one this week her dad signed her paper to get baptized WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT it's basically official now, we were kinda worried, but he signed it willy nilly :) The next lesson we had with her we got to her house and her mom let us in, but she wasn't there.. she was with her aunt in a different sector of the area. We called her and she came in about 15 minutes later gasping for air.. she ran at least 1/2 a mile to come and listen to us, she's a sweetheart. We've been worried because she's a little slow at learning, in her house they speak Q'ecxi (a mayan dialogue) but we got there and she had learned so much!! The power of prayer :) Her dad came in and was drunk and made her mom cry.. she was saying she doesn't have any money to buy food or her son shoes, but she works so hard, the husband takes all of the money and spends it on alcohol. So after Hna Portillo and I went and bought a few things and did a knock and run, but they came looking for us... so much for being a surprise... haha! As per Thanksgiving tradition, I am so thankful for 1. My family, for their love, support, prayers, and examples. I am so blessed that they raised me in the gospel. I am thankful for my ancestors for paving the way for me and for blessing me with wonderful and strong grandparents and parents 2. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know it i the only true happiness that there is in this world. Without it, I would be so lost. I am so thankful that I get to share this message with everyone I come in contact with as well. And 3. I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, for their sacrifices that they made for me, that I may be able to return to live with them again with my family forever. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week :) and Happy Thanksgiving :)
Love, Hermanita Brems
         Sometimes you just gotta take a nap with a bolo (drunk person) (Mom asked what she would have done if he woke up!!!!) Good thing she can run fast!!!!

                                                                     My Box!!!
                                                   Our nails match the autumn leaves!
                                                            Fall decorations!!
Rebeca (in the pink), her mom Margarita and little brother Carlos (notice their shoes, I bought them for them) and Jennifer. Margarita is wearing the traditional clothes, so pretty right?!
  Familia Salvador (the son is leaving for the Mexico Guadalajara East mission tomorrow!)
                                        We got shots (I went first, everyone was scared) before!
 I was waiting and waiting and waiting for my comp, I had no idea what she was doing…sleeping!!!! Hermana Portillo hahaha!!! It was so funny!

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