Monday, January 27, 2014

Y azucar?

Hola everyone!
How was your week?! Mine was pretty great in here Guatemala, like always! We didn't have as much success as usual, but we realized that this change we are supposed to learn patience. Patience with our investigators, members, ourselves.. everything! haha But it's great and we're working hard!
I realized this week that I know spanish grammer so much better than English grammer. Lots of people ask me for help with their English homework and I can't explain why the past tense of 'run' is 'ran' or 'understand' is 'understood' sorry! But I can explain to them things they have never heard of! this week I realized, I think I'm going crazy! We had English lessons and they wanted to learn a song and I had the hardest time remembering it in English.. maybe it's because we sing it at least once a day in spanish in the lessons, but man! Sometimes I'll be saying a sentence to Hermana De Leon and I don't know how to say what I want in English or Spanish.. this is a dilemma for sure! haha
We had the weirdest lesson Hermana De Leon said she's ever taught, and she has 11 months in the mission so that's saying something! It started out great, the family was way receptive and nice, we were just getting to know each other, how many years we have, what we like to do.. just so they didn't feel like they were talking to strangers! We were getting ready to singe when a lizard fell on Hermana De Leon!! She flipped it on our member, Maidely, who then stood up and started squealing in terror, when I realized what was happening I stood up and started squealing likewise! Great first impression right?! So we calmed down, sang, said the prayer and were getting ready to start when Maidely taps me on the shoulder when I had my back turned.. I thought a lizard fell on me, I FREAKED!! No good.. but I calmed down, kind of, I jumped everytime a bug landed on me! We invited them to be baptized and the wife said yes, then we turned to the husband.. oh boy. He aksed why we couldn't drink coffee, we didn't bring that up at all, but we quickly addressed his question. He then aksed us, okay, if coffee is bad for you, what about sugar? Sugar?? When he said that, haha you should have seen the look on his wife's face! He went on and on about sugar, and pills... it was just weird. After all of that, they are moving so we can't visit them again.. oh well! 
I hope you all have a fantastic last week of January! Love you all so much :)
Love your favorite Hermana,
Hermana Brems

Monday, January 20, 2014

Alguien, Ayudenos!!

Hello hello family and friends!!
What a week, I don't even know where to start there are so many stories! Hermana De Leon and I are still companions!! Woohoo!! And we had a little guest visit our house this week, dang lizards, I swear they can smell fear and like to torment  me wherever I am. We came home from a long day and there a lizard was on the wall, Hermana De Leon is scared of them too so we were in big trouble! After trying to figure out what to do and creating many strategies that we never actually tried because that would mean one of us would have to go near the ugly thing, we decided to just sit on the other side of the room and try to not think about it.. I thought I was being very helpful though by saying Alguien ayudenos (someone, help us) out the door :) 
Okay, now to the good stuff!  It was like 8:20 and our member had to go which meant we couldn't teach any more lessons, Hna De Leon was like, well let's go home! I didn't want to though because we still had 40 more minutes left in the day! We made a deal that we were going to knock on 5 doors and then we could go home, my idea! haha We knocked on doors 1 and 2 sin exito, then door 3 came. We knocked and like 8 girls answered, it was a mom and her daughters. We made an appointment to come back another day and explain our message and why we were here knocking on their door! We went and had a lesson and found out that they really need the gospel in their lives, everyone needs it, but these girls are ready to have it, especially Leslie. She's my favorite investigator so far. Everytime I teach her I can just relate, she said that she felt that she was so alone in the world. I shared that sometimes I feel like that too, I have a hard time understanding people and I can't talk very well and it becomes very lonely at times, but I have faith that everything will be okay and whenever I feel alone I pray. I challenged her to do the same! We went back another day for a lesson and she told us that she was unhappy and she had a ton of laundry to fold. Before the lesson we helped her finish folding laundry and she started to cry! She has to work so much and doesn't have time to take care of her son, so her sister in law is taking him.. I felt so bad :( I have so much hope for her, she just needs to come to church, but because of work, she can't.. ugh!
Carlos is still doing great, smart as ever and so ecstatic and filled with the light of Christ already! He told me my Spanish was really good, but sometimes he has a hard time understanding me haha toda dia cada dia..!
Oh, we were waiting for our member to get ready and her daughter was making tortillas so we decided to help. I'm basically a latino when it comes to tortillas.. I can shape them and flip them over!! Hermana De Leon hasn't mastered flipping them yet.. heehee! I might not be very good at spanish, but I can flip tortillas :) 
 I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week :)
Love your favorite Hermana,
Hermana Brems
                    It wasn't raining 2 minutes before this picture! I definitely wasn't dressed correctly!

                                              For you momma! The moon!
                                    English lessons! They wanted to know animals….:) heehee!
                                           Tuk Tuk, our Taxis when we need them!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Es Typico!

Why hello!
I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy :) I sure miss everyone, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here, serving the Lord! We didn't have a whole lot going on this week, we had divisions Tuesday, a zone meeting Wednesday and then Interviews with President and his wife Thursday. Both of the meetings went a lot longer than expected so basically 3 days we didn't get to work a whole lot, I was pretty bummed.. but what can ya do right? Yesterday we went to pick up Carlos from his house to take him to church, we were running late, chapin time of course, but we found him like half way to the church! The little guy started walking without us! haha Then in Sacrament Meeting I had my eyes closed, just thinking, then the Branch President got up and started talking after it, I still had my eyes closed and Carlos taps my arm and is like, esta dormiendo?? Or are you sleeping? Dang it kid! I was just resting my eyes for like 5 minutes, give me a break! 
We were contacting a guy the other day and we gave him a pamphlet and aked where he lived and if he had a phone number. He told us he didn't have a phone so we couldn't call him. As we were saying goodbye we heard something start ringing and then we just see his eyes get really big and he was like, umm adios! haha The same thing happened 2 more times this week, es typico, silly Guatemalans I guess!
Today we went to Tikal!!!! Ahhh so fun :) That's where all the ruins and temples are! There were tons of tourists having a great time, but I think we enjoyed ourselves the most because we knew the background story to all of these temples! I could just picture Nephi, Alma, Moroni, and a bunch of the Book of Mormon stories and prophets taking place in that area! Ah, bien chilerro. 
Well, that's all for this week folks! Changes are coming up this week and Hermana De Leon thinks she's gonna be changed, she's a sister trainer so she might have another newbe to train. We'll see this week I guess! Have a wonderful week, I love you and I'm so thankful for all of your support :)
Hermana Brems
                                             Repping a little Mexican wear :)

Monday, January 6, 2014


Happy New Year family and friends!!
I hope everyones new year was fantastic, ours was pretty 'tranquila' haha! We were invited over to a members house for dinner, but she hadn't even started making it when we got over to her house.. chapinos.. haha So we helped her for a little while, in the end, we didn't get to eat at her house, but thankfully we had some tomales in the freezer and some cookies, so we partied! I never realized how soundly I slept, I didn't even hear the fireworks in our street at midnight! Hermana De Leon woke up so tired and I was like, what wrong?! She said the windows to our house were shaking and she couldn't sleep from the noise! oops!
This week has been pretty good, nothing too exciting happened until the weekend! On Saturday I taught English lessons, there's an Elder from Brazil that teaches Portuguese and Hermana De Leon and I teach English, it's pretty fun! I'm glad I paid attention in Kindergarten because songs are really helpful! Last week I taught them the ABC's song and this past Saturday I taught them head, shoulders, knees, and toes. It's actually benefitting me teaching English, because I learn spanish words as well, love it!
Okay now to the good stuff, the most amazing thing happened yesterday!! Sunday morning we always go and pick up our investigators, most of the time they can't come for some reason or another, but that's alright! We were doing our rounds and we just decided to go to Carlos' house, he's an 11 year old boy that we had taught once. We weren't going to get him because his house is way far away, but I am so glad we did! It was fast and testimony meeting so Hermana De Leon and I bore our testimonies, and after we sat down Carlos asked if he could share his. We just looked at each other and were like, uh yeah! What are you going to say?! It's his first time going to church and he bore his testimony!!! After church we were asking him what he thought about it and he told us, he wanted to be baptized and is ready. Uhhh.. dream investigator or what?! We went over to his house after church, he asked us to, to share a little message and extended the baptismal committment. We need to get permission from his mom because he's only 11 and he has to attend 7 times, but he will be baptized March 1st!
I hope you all had a fantastic week :) I love you all so much and I am loving the work! Spanish is coming along, I'm starting to connect the dots with this beautiful language, but it's taking it's time and I'm practicing patience :) haha! Love you!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                           We walked with this butterfly for like a mile! haha
                                                 One huge rooster! Holy smokes haha :)