Monday, December 15, 2014

He's a mean one Mr. Gripe

Why hello hello!
How are all of you this lovely day/week?! We had a great week here in Salama, except I got the gripe (the flu) :( it was horrible and my voice still sounds very manly, but I'm feeling much better! The one good thing about being sick wa it was a great excuse to drink hot chocolate and have our nightly planning in front of the Christmas Tree :) That's all I wanted to do and Hermana Portillo didn't mind, when life gives you lemons right?! 
It looks like we have a new little missionary here in Salama, Rebeca gave us her cousin as a reference, we visisted him and he is just as sweet as she is! His family.... uhh we need to work on them, but he accepted a baptism date, it's just his fam that might hold him up.... we have FAITH! We also have 2 little girls, Jennifer and Jaime that have been investigating the church for like 2 years that have a baptism date, they really really want to get baptized, but just need permission from their mom who lives in Costa Rica, but is coming the 20th of this month. We're praying super hard that she gives them permission because they really want to be members!!! haha Yesterday in church we had more investigators come than I've ever had in my mission :) 7 was the lucky number and boy were we SO stoked :) We literally were running in the morning to pick up everyone, running during church to make sure they were all in their correct class, and running after to get them home.. we were exhausted last night, but totally worth it :)
Something kinda funny/sad happened. The gal that we invited and she thanked us for the invitation to be baptized, told us to come to her house at 9 am one day. Ugh, we had to change our whole day because of that, well our whole morning, so we got to her house at 9 and she told us not to visit her again! What the heck?! But we just kinda laughed and went on with the day, she'll come around someday! Well sure love you guys, thanks for everything :)
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                       Bathroom Pic:)
                                      Christmas Party…it was freezing!!!!!
                                        Teaching the duck face;)
                                                           So relaxing!!!!!
                                      The things I bought for the missionaries
                                                       Puppy love!

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  1. Love the pictures you lovely granddaughter! Thinking of you for Christmas. You are a great example! Have a happy holiday.