Monday, December 8, 2014

Make it 8, we'll make it Great!!

Hello hello everyone!
We had changes this week, but Hermana Portillo and I are staying together!! Woop woop and this change is special because it's 8 weeks instead of 6... we're excited to spend Christmas together, we decorated the house today :) It might have made us a little homesick, but in a good way :) I'm so thankful that I have family and friends that make me homesick, how lucky can a girl be?! Well Rebeca is offically a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!! Let's just say the baptism didn't go smooth as butter, but she's baptized and that's all that counts! She is so happy and such a good example to her family, she loves church and reading the Book of Mormon! This week, we had the worst day you can imagine.. like I'm pretty sure everyone talked the day before and decided to not open their doors. Instead they slammed the doors in our faces, called us names and even laughed at us! It was miserable, but we tried to keep a positive attitude. When we got home I told Hermana Portillo we were going to paint our nails... we needed something to perk us up! As we were painting our nails we were watching some Mormon Messages and one of them was a talk that Elder Holland gave to mission presidents. He said when missionaries wonder why nobody is progressing, why nobody will open their door, and why misionary work is hard, remind them that Salvation was never easy. The more perfect man in the world wondered if there was an easier way when he was spit upon, rejected, beaten, but there wasn't. If there wasn't an easier way out for Him, why would missionary work be easy? We're walking shoulder to shoulder with Him. It touched me so much, it's so true, this work is hard, it's tough, but it's the work of the Lord! We had a great zone meeting talking about the new Christmas video and we got a ton of pass along cards, the video is awesome!! We've showed it to a bunch of people and they love it. One last story, we were teaching a gal, she's a cousin of a member, and I invited her to be baptized and she said, wow thank you for the invitation, yes! I was like... wait, did you just say thank you? She said she really wants to change and the invitation to be baptized is her invitation to a new life! I love you all :)
Love, Hermana Brems
              Jenna didn't put a caption for this picture, I think she wanted us to figure it out for ourselves. To me (Mom) she is telling us either: 1) I admire her strength of spirit or 2) a message of encouragement or 3) the idea was uppermost in everyone's thoughts or minds (Christ and Christmas)…take your pick, either way I love that little message and most of all that cute little face!!!!!
                       Cute Hermana's sharing the Gift at Christmas with Hermana Pack!
     Hermana Brems and Hermana Portillo with Rebeca at her baptism. Jenna looks like a 5'1" giant!
                                                 And Christmas finally arrived!!!!
                                                    Christmas pillow cases!!!!!
                                Christmas in Guatemala. Santa knew where to find her:)

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  1. Have a happy Christmas our sweet, beautiful granddaughter We so enjoy your letters and pictures. You are doing a great thing! With love to you. G. and G..