Monday, February 24, 2014

¿Por què murmuràis?

Hello hello!
I had a great week this week, I feel like everyday goes by faster and the weeks are just flying by! We had some really fantastic lessons and then some others that were absolutely ridiculous! haha 
We went to pick up one of the hermanas in the rama to go with us because it was 5:30 and she wasn't there, so we were just waiting for a few minutes. One of her grandsons ran up to us and was like, will you please teach my mom and invite her to church? His mom has been baptized, but doesn't want anything to do with the church and neither does her boyfriend, it's hard on her mom because they live together.. She was picking up trash in her yard so we offered to help her, haha she had no choice but to listen to us after that :) A couple of girls in dresses picking up trash is one way to your heart I guess! So we had her son say the prayer and during the lesson he was so excited!! Jumping up and down, running around, grabbing their himnario and Libro de Mormon, it was the cutest thing ever! We also had 3 sweet angelitas come to church with us yesterday, it really was a miracle. We had investigators planned to come with us, but of course they couldn't.. fijase hermanitas.. that's all we hear! ugh! But we had been teaching their mom and older sister, but they were busy, but the little girls ASKED if they could come with us!! We had never talked to them, they had no idea who we were or where we were going, but hey, it was so cute! I gave them my picture book during sacrament meeting and they loved looking at pictures and drawing some of the temples.
We had on crazy lesson. We weren't planning on teaching this guy, but he said we could share a message so we were just making small talk until we came up with an idea. We just talked about how he is the head of the house and needs to be an example and blah blah blah. Then he started, he basically called us liars and that the Book of Mormon was a lie.. oh man, once he said that we were not happy! We had him look up 2 Nephi 29:3, 6-8 haha! It just says por que murmurais because we have another word of God basically.. he didn't really have anything to say after that :) But I don't think we'll go back for a little while.
Today we went to Yaxha for P-day! It was way fun, it's like Tikal, but smaller! I just love Guatemala and the rich history here!
Have a wonderful week and talk to you shortly :) Love you all so much!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                         Some little kids in our rama!
                                          How many chickens can you see in the tree?  (4)
                                                        Hna De Leon!!
                                                       Just looking out over my kingdom..
                                                            More of me…haha

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