Monday, February 3, 2014

Have to know the bad to recognize the good!

Hey guys!
Another interesting week in Guatemala! We didn't have any more lizard encounters, thank goodness, but we did have some ups and downs.. again! Ahhh.. haha! But weeks like this just make me realize how Heavenly Father must feel when we make a wrong choice. I absolutely love my job, having the ability to share the gospel with everyone I can and being a representative of Jesus Christ, life doesn't get much better than that right?! 
We started teaching a lady that works in a tortilleria, her name is Cony and she has 3 kids. We shared a little message with her, but she was working so it was hard for her to pay much attention. We made an appointment for another day when she would be on a break in her house. Anyway.. my stories are always so long, sorry! haha When we were planning what we were going to teach the night before the lesson, we had no idea, we prayed that we would know what she needed, but nothing came. We got to her house the next day and still had no idea, let's just say it started our a little awkward, but holy smokes, it got so good after the prayer and song! We invited her to be baptized at the very start of the lesson, we never do that and we both thought it was weird, but she was like, that's exactly what I wanted to talk about today! SAY WHAT?! Yeah, she came to church with us on Sunday, and is super excited for our next cita! We want to start teaching her husband to so she has support from him, and we need to make sure they are married... haha!
Now for the sad part... Carlos broke our hearts this week. On Wednesday he was totally fine, totally happy and still shining bright like a diamond, then came Saturday.. he was a totally different person. He told us he had a dream and that in his dream he was told that another church would bring him more blessings in his life.. we were like okay, but we know this church is true and you do too! And then he told us that we couldn't know anything is true about this church. Hna De Leon and I literally teared up in the lesson. We both bore our testimonies to him, but he wouldn't listen. His whole countenance had changed, he wouldn't smile, he wasn't paying attention, and he just had a dark cloud over his head.. 
It's a new week though, we're working so hard and trying our best! I love you all so much! Thanks for your letters and support!
Hermana Brems
                 This is how I feel when I study Spanish…all of those words are for the word 'get'                                                                        
                            Woohoo! We didn't drive it, don't worry!
                                 Carambola fruit, how cool huh?!
                    He was a little angry!! I didn't want to get too close!
            That's what I call a hill! (Hermana Brems is standing at the top)
                           A little slice of heaven! I mean my area...

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