Monday, February 10, 2014

Seed Planters

Hello Again!
I hope your week was wonderful, I always look forward to hearing from all of you! I am so grateful that I have family and friends that I love and miss, :) I know it's something that not everyone has in the world,
So this week went by way fast, I hardly remember what happened! Everything is just kinda a blurr, everyone told me that would happen and of course I never thought my time would come when I would have those same feelings. But something major did happen that basically changed my mission, I read a talk by Elder Holland, he always lights it up! If I ever need a pep talk for something serious he's going to be the first person I call, (after you mom!). So I knew everything that he said in his talk, but it just hit me this week, I have always known missionary work isn't my work, it's the sacred work of our Heavenly Father, but that really hit me.. I just have to give everything I can and the Lord will point me in the right direction. This work is the most glorious and hardest work in the world, but it's so cool to think that I am on the same team, doing the same thing as the Prophet and Apostles, men we all look up to! How cool is that? It's like  being in the huddle with Larry Fitzgerald, or being on the same relay team as Michael Phelps, but even better!! I only have 15 more months of this work, only 15 months and these men do this work their whole lives without complaining! Okay, who wants to go on a mission now?! Yup, that's how I felt too :)
I don't know why, but Hermana De Leon and I are ALWAYS teaching kids!! We don't look for them, but we always find them... ugh! I really feel like my mission is all about setting an example and planting the seed of the gospel in their hearts. Before my mission I was like, I'm totally going to baptize like 50 people, but I've come to realize, being an example and planting a seed is just as important as having a baptism. Yeah it's cool to say that you had a bunch, but it's just as important to know that someday the people that I'm teaching will be baptized and I had an influence in their lives!
We helped Cony make tortillas.. always haha! We visited her like everyday, just to say hi. We also invited lots of people to be baptized and 2 of the women we are very hopeful! I just love my mission and I know this is the most important work in the world! If you can't tell, I am one happy missionary :)
I love you all and I miss you so much! I'm working as hard as I can :)
Love, Hermanita Brems
(everyone refers to us as HERMANITAS!!)

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