Monday, February 17, 2014

Hermanita Canchita Mormonita

Yup, that's what you hear when I walk by anyone! haha
How are all you doing?! Sounds like you all had a wonderful week, filled with lots of love (for Valentines Day!) And holy smokes my sister is engaged, I have a new neice, and Elder Del Toro is District Leader?!?! Funny how fast things can change when your not in the thick of things, right?!
This week was way sweet, our numbers might not have been too hot, but we worked really hard and followed the Spirit in everything we did. When I say everything I mean it! We were walking down a street and a few weird things happened and Hermana De Leon just looked at each other and turned around because we did not feel good about it. I don't know if anything happened in that area later.. but oh well! We had a really cool experience this week too, always we have cool experiences.. it's the work of the Lord! haha But we contacted a lady and she told us that her daughter is a member, but inactive. We tried to visit her that day, but she wasn't there. Then someone else in our district asked us about her on yesterday, which was way weird because we had never heard of this lady in the past 10 weeks, and then 2 people told us that we should visit her in the past 2 days! We went and visited her and shared a scripture and she kinda broke down. She had had some rough times in the past 2 days... coincidence? no! So we just talked to her and cleared up some doubts and told her she has 2 best friends, us! It was way sweet.
We had District Conference this Sunday which means President and Hermana Curtiss came up and gave a talk! Hahaha talk about cincho de Presidente :) He had all of the missionaries stand up and told everyone to look at us because we are angels and that they better believe it! And then he explained that we have a rule that we can't be out in the street without a member after 5:30. Then he said 'and you know what happens when they are in their room? Do you want to know? Nothing. Nothing, that's what. ABSOLUTEMENTE nada.' It was the best. All of us missionaries were ABSOLUTEMENTE dying laughing! It's true though, we can't do this work alone, and they want to have a stake, but don't really want to work...
I sure love you all! Have a wonderful week :)
Hermana Brems
                                                    Proof, I can flip tortillas!
          From last week, we had gotten soaked like 3 times…this little guy is nuts!
                                  Somewhere over the rainbow :)
                                             We got souvenirs!!!! How cool right?!
                                     Vos! I love this picture…...
                                   Today, just chill in in Flores :)

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