Monday, March 3, 2014

'Dice que no esta'

Hey there everyone!
This week I kissed my teen years goodbye! Can you believe it, I'm like old now.. That's okay, with age comes wisdom right :) It was such a good week, we worked hard as always and had lots of investigators come to church, best birthday gift ever!! haha We had changes, but Hermana De Leon and I are still companions for 6 more weeks, we were both shocked to say the least, we had a moment of silence for about 15 minutes, but we're happy about it! We have some great plans and now we get to see Julinana get baptized in April!! Yeah, that's right, we have a Fecha :) One of the little girls that came to church last sunday now is preparing, with lots of support, to follow the example of her Savior Jesus Christ. She is the sweetest little girl and has the best support from her grandma. Her grandma was sick so on Saturday we went over to her house and helped with chores, sweeped and mopped and what not. While we were there we asked her grandma for permission if Juliana could get baptized and before she said yes, she started planning on what little white dress Juliana was going to wear. How cute is that?! 
To explain my subject.. I love the people of Guatemala, really I have been blessed with the gift of love on my mish, but man they lie about everything!! And they teach them young.. we always yell 'Buenos' instead of knocking, and the kids always run to the door and we ask them for their parents. So they run back talk to their parents and we always get 'they said they aren't here' or 'they're sleeping' when we can see them.. or my favorite is when we ask if we can share a message and they say not now because they're busy, but they're sitting in a hammock.. that's the best! haha
Have a wonderful week everyone :) I'm so thankful for this gospel and the opportunity I have to share my testimony of my Redeemer everyday! Love you :)
Hermana Brems 
                Some of the girls made me a birthday note! 3 of our investigators are on my left
                                                    My cake !
                                                      Birthday goodies from Mom
                                                             Thanks Momma!
                                                                 Surprise party!
                                                            Another one of my cake:)

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