Monday, January 27, 2014

Y azucar?

Hola everyone!
How was your week?! Mine was pretty great in here Guatemala, like always! We didn't have as much success as usual, but we realized that this change we are supposed to learn patience. Patience with our investigators, members, ourselves.. everything! haha But it's great and we're working hard!
I realized this week that I know spanish grammer so much better than English grammer. Lots of people ask me for help with their English homework and I can't explain why the past tense of 'run' is 'ran' or 'understand' is 'understood' sorry! But I can explain to them things they have never heard of! this week I realized, I think I'm going crazy! We had English lessons and they wanted to learn a song and I had the hardest time remembering it in English.. maybe it's because we sing it at least once a day in spanish in the lessons, but man! Sometimes I'll be saying a sentence to Hermana De Leon and I don't know how to say what I want in English or Spanish.. this is a dilemma for sure! haha
We had the weirdest lesson Hermana De Leon said she's ever taught, and she has 11 months in the mission so that's saying something! It started out great, the family was way receptive and nice, we were just getting to know each other, how many years we have, what we like to do.. just so they didn't feel like they were talking to strangers! We were getting ready to singe when a lizard fell on Hermana De Leon!! She flipped it on our member, Maidely, who then stood up and started squealing in terror, when I realized what was happening I stood up and started squealing likewise! Great first impression right?! So we calmed down, sang, said the prayer and were getting ready to start when Maidely taps me on the shoulder when I had my back turned.. I thought a lizard fell on me, I FREAKED!! No good.. but I calmed down, kind of, I jumped everytime a bug landed on me! We invited them to be baptized and the wife said yes, then we turned to the husband.. oh boy. He aksed why we couldn't drink coffee, we didn't bring that up at all, but we quickly addressed his question. He then aksed us, okay, if coffee is bad for you, what about sugar? Sugar?? When he said that, haha you should have seen the look on his wife's face! He went on and on about sugar, and pills... it was just weird. After all of that, they are moving so we can't visit them again.. oh well! 
I hope you all have a fantastic last week of January! Love you all so much :)
Love your favorite Hermana,
Hermana Brems

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