Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Down in the Paint!

Why hello everyone! This week was literally one of the best weeks of
my life!! I absolutely love my companion, Hermana To'a, we get along
so great and we teach so well together! Our spanish has imporved so
much because we talk more and we aren't afraid of messing up because
we realized we're both still learning and we've only been learning for
a few weeks! Since 4 of the 11 people in my district left, we've all
gotten super close. We do sports together so it's really fun! The
other day we were playing hand ball and I was getting ready to catch
the ball when all of a sudden one of the Elders tackled me to the
ground.. Needless to say I went down in the paint and he had to sit
out for a little bit. I felt bad because it was an accident, but I was
mostly just super embarrassed! I didn't get hurt, don't worry, I'm a
tough little Hermana! Thanksgiving here was so fun! They brought out
the table cloths and we got to use real plates instead of plastic
ones! We had the traditional Turkey day meal complete with my very
first piece of pecan pie (sorry dad, it was delicious!!) I ate for
this Thanksgiving and the next one.. :) heehee! After dinner we
watched a devo by Elder Nelson and his wife, it was so good! They told
us to find those people who's ancestors are praying for us to find
their posterity so they can get their temple work done. I had never
looked at it like that! So great! I was asked to be the music
coordinator for my branch so I get to pick the music for Sacrament
Meeting, devotionals and Relief Society! It's been so fun, I love
being able to serve and help out in any way I can! Last week they made
us put a little piece of paper on our plaquas that say 'No Hablo
Ingles' they Latinos have fun messing with all of us.. punks! They're
way nice though, they love to help us out. I can't believe I leave the
CCM in a week from today! I am so excited to get out to the field, I'm
a little nervous though! We watched Errand of Angels on Sunday, haha
that definitely didn't calm my nerves at all, but I know the Lord will
help me through all things if I am exactly obedient. I love this work
and I love being a missionary :) I'm not sure when I'll be able to
write you next, I'm hoping next Wednesday I'll be able to shoot out a
quick email, but I'm not 100% sure! lo siento! I love you all and I am
so thankful that I have this opportunity to serve a mission,
especially here in Guatemala! thank you for all of your prayers and
support! I am one happy gal! :) Love, your favorite hermana, Hermana

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