Monday, December 23, 2013

Tres Tristes Tigres

Hola Family and Friends!
How are ya!? I hope you are all ready for Christmas, I know all of you are on Santa's nice list this year so if should be a good one for all of you :) We celebrated Christmas for our zone conference on Tuesday. It was way fun, President Curtiss and his wife gave a talk and we went over some business. They 'asked' me from the pulpit to say the prayer, so I didn't have a choice haha, that's alright, I don't mind practicing that good good spanish! They made us a delicious meal and then we watched Monsters University. Hermana De Leon and I had the most contacts that week so we got a box of cookies, way sweet of them haha!
This week when we were having language study, Hermana De Leon was having me say tongue twisters, hence tres tristes tigres, I have a hard time saying them in English, let alone spanish! It was a good laugh for her though so that's alright! Spanish is coming along, I'm understanding more and more and I'm talking more in the lessons. I need more confidence though, that's what everyone says! I just don't want to say anything wrong, but I have to learn some how and practice is the best way right?!
This week we contacted a ton and had several lessons. The people here are kinda funny, they seem so interested in our message when we give them a pamphlet and talk to them in the street. When we go back to give a lesson that we've prepared they tell us that they go to a different church, or they're busy, or we saw one guy run around to the back of his house and grab his bike.. he took off! Hermana De Leon was like, alright alright, we won't come back! Silly Pablo.. oh well! Oh and the other day I had a zit on my face.. it happens right? Well, I guy that didn't have teeth asked me what it was.. I was like, dude, you don't even have teeth, why point out my flaws?! That's okay, he has a sweet spirit I'm sure.. Yesterday was such a good day though! One of the ladies we taught, stopped cleaning to listen to us, we invited her to be baptized and she told us she was baptized in a different church, so we asked her to pray, I have hope! Anyway, after we were done teaching, we helped her clean her house because she kinda needed it.. I know she was very thankful and if felt SO good to serve her. Before we begin any lesson we always start with a Hymn. I thought it was a little strange the first 3 times and I felt awkward because I don't necessarily have the best singing voice, but after that, I absolutely love it! Music just brings the spirit into any home and the people usually enjoy it too! 
I hope you all have a wonderful week and have a very Merry Christmas :) I'll be thinking about you like always! Thank you for all of your prayers and your examples :) Talk to you next week!
Love always, Hermana Brems

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