Monday, December 16, 2013

Ayi Aya, Aqui, Aqua

Hello hello hello!
All I can say about my first week in the field is.. WOW! Haha! I have seen things that I never thought were possible, in a spiritual sense and in a living condition sense.. hahah! My companion, Hermana De Leon is the best! She has trained 3 other hermanas so she knows what she's doing! She is very patient with me and always tell me that I'm doing so good with my spanish and with teaching. I'm getting used to our house, it's a little bit more cozy and we're adding our personal touches to it. We bought curtains the other day and I went to take old ones down and guess what scurried out of them??? A LIZARD!!! I jumped off the table and ran to the other side of the room. Holy smokes.. I haven't touched them since haha! We don't have a kitchen in our house, just a sink and a portable stove top, but even with that it is so nice to finally cook!! The CCM food was good, but I know those eggs were fake.. and I can finally have yogurt and food that I want! I'm living the dream :)
We have such a good branch here in Santa Elena, the people are so willing to help us out, give referrals, and go tractcing with us! We've had a member with us everyday, and the mission leader is awesome! We were walking down a street with a member and we were totally lost so we called him and he came to our rescue with a bottle of Gatorade for all of us! He's great! Our area is huge, I swear we walked 8 miles yesterday and it was raining most of the day too! Living the true missionary experience. When they people give directions, they just say, Ayi or aya or aqui or aqua. I'm already awful with directions and still get lost with a GPS, so I am so grateful Hermana De Leon knows what she's doing! haha! We had a lesson with some new Investigators the other day, Gerardo and Carolina, they were a referral from a member. We met with them and they had heard a little about the church, mostly about the Word of Wisdom so we talked about that. We went back the next day to give a real lesson and at the end he told us that he had had a dream the night before, that I was giving him a basket of fruit. He said he knew the fruit was the word of God. Ummm chilerro verdad?! They went to church yesterday and I have great hope for them :) In another lesson we were talking about families and the importance of them. I opened up my photo album and shared some pics of my awesome family and just told them how grateful I am for you guys and how much you mean to me! Yesterday we went tracting with a member, while we were waiting for her, her daughter was rolling out tortillas so we helped out. I'm basically a native, I can get those things in a perfect circle haha :)
I received a different address for you to send mail and packages, I guess this one is better! It is:
Mision Guatemala Coban
3ra Calle 2-20 Zona 3
Coban AV 16001
Guatemala CA
Mision Coban
Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers! I really do feel them and I hope you all feel my love for you! I love you all and I love this work :)
Love, your hard working Guatemalan
Hermana Brems

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