Monday, January 12, 2015

Yoohoo hello family¡
The keyboard I'm using doesn't work perfectly, so sorry the exclamation points are upside down, but I am in Guatemala so it's fitting¡ and I can't do smiley faces... poodoo. But how is everyone doing? We had a great week this week, yesterday was bomb, we had 8 investigators in church¡¡¡¡¡¡ Ahhhhh We were both on cloud nine... we literally went home and had a dance party to MoTab¡ haha We had interviews as well this week, everything we super well, I have gained such a love for president and hermana Curtiss, the are wonderful people are truly love and care about all of us missionaries. We had a zone meeting as well and we played Simon Says.. they likened it to our life here and the life Jesus led. We are here to follow His example and we should do it like we are playing Simon Says, it was kinda fun and totally caught my attention¡ We met a guy named Ferdy this week, he is a reference from a recent convert and is super duper smart and wants to be baptized because he can see a change in his friend and wants the same kind of change¡ We're working with him, we know he'll get baptized sometime, hopefully soon¡ Jorge and Victoria are doing well, they are behaving better especially in church. The first couple of times I had to take a big dose of patience because they just didn't understand some things... but now they are doing much better and are making friends¡ Esvin is also progressing, he loves reading, the only thing he needs to get better at is praying. Ya can't know what to do without praying, duh¡ haha but he is preparing to be baptized the first week in February. That was pretty much the week in a letter... until next week¡¡ Make it a good one¡ Sure love you all.
love, Hermana Brems
                       Our little followers to church! 4 investigators and Rebeca, our recent convert!
                                                  Family Home Evening
                                                                  Dog dogs everywhere...
                                                                  2015 Gear!
                                                         A little horse play!

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