Monday, January 5, 2015

Straight to the Point

Welcome to the new year family and friends!!
Hermana Portillo and I had a pretty quiet New Years Eve, we did buy cider and make smores! and a very quiet new years day.. nobody was home and if they were they were drunk... I would say nobody was in the street, but I'll rephrase it, nobody hung over was in the street. It was nuts. A family invited us over New Years Eve to eat Paches, their tamales, but made from potato instead of corn, they were pretty good, they kinda taste the same as the regualar tamales from here! Then on New Years we got invited over for beans..Nice.. haha! So this week was kinda exciting, one of our investigators stabbed one of our members on new years day (they're brother in laws), they were doing things they should have been doing and look at the consequences.. but everything is okay, yes we were brave enough to visit the investigator and we read some versus from Alma 5, here in the mish we like to call it Alma Cincho because it's very blunt! He said he needs to change and this is the year he's going to! Fingers crossed... but he still kinda scares us. We had District Meeting and President and Hermana Curtiss surprised us with their presence! We were talking about goals and how we can improve the areas/mission. I had a few comments and I guess president called the ZL's and my district leader later and told them that they should really listen to my ideas and we as a mission should put them into pratice. The leaders gave me props so that was kinda fun!! The investigators are doing well, Jorge is straightening up and his parents told us that they are seeing big changes in his life and Victoria is so excited to be baptized! Well that's about it for me! Have a wonderful week :) Sure love you all!
Love, Hermana Brems 
                                                       New Years Eve!
                                             After church on the bus…so tired!!!!
                                             Repping our colleges!!!
                                                   From today!
                                              Hiking in Salama!!!

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  1. Happy New Year dear granddaughter and companion. You have quite a life. What experiences. Our life is so good compared to many other parts of the world. How can we be so blessed. LOve you!