Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another One Done!

Yoohoo hello family :)
Nothing too exciting happened this week, we didn't get chased by drunk guys, we didn't have a record number of investigators in church... it was just another week! We taught lots of lessons, met some nice people and met some not so nice people who just wanted to argue, church to church. haha There's an old man that lives down the street for us and he is always super duper nice, so we went to see if we could teach him and his wife, let's just say, we only eneded up giving him a pamphlet and getting the heck off of his patio! He tried to kiss us and told us not to worry that he keeps his beard and mouth very clean... and called me is Novia (girlfriend) Brems and said that he is my novio (boyfriend) Roberto. 
Jorge and Victoria are improving immensely! Jorge is remembering the things we are teaching him and is acting so much better in church. The kids started school so that will also help with his attitude, he won't have so much time to get into trouble! haha Well that's really all from me, sorry it's so short! Have a great week :) Love you!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                     Hermana Portillo and I on the bus
                                                Jorge with 5 puppies
                                                     After church
                            After church, after my talk, we were goofing around!
                                   From today, we had a zone BBQ!
                                               Just out for a stroll!!!

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  1. Dear Hermana Brems, You are just marvelous, marvelous, a little thin, but so beautiful, body and spirit. Love your example. You ware amazing.