Monday, November 3, 2014

What a grave sight...

Yoohoo hello family!
I hope everyone had a wonderful week and a great Halloween! Hermana Portillo and I worked super hard this week, but we still have a long way to go for the area to progress and to have a baptism.. people don't want to come to church and that's kind of a requirement! haha But we're doing great, happy and working hard :) We had a different but fun weekend, so Halloween here is celebrated November 1st and it's called Dia de los Muertos, but there's a bar close by our apartment and they celebrated Halloween October 31st. Let's just say we didn't sleep because of the music, we did however learn a few dance moves, we practiced during planning... hahahahaha! But Dia de los Muertos, nobody was home so a few companionships went to the cemetery and we did some service. I love being in a different country for holidays to see the different cultures and traditions. Here they paint and decorate the tombs, which are like little houses. They decorate them with flowers and other things, some people also leave food and drinks for their dead. They believe that in the night time the spirits will eat the food. We ate lunch, changed, then went back to the cemetery and had an activity, we passed out pamphelets, Books of Mormon, Proclamation to the Family, we did that for 3 hours... and then that was the day! But it was a lot of fun, we got a ton of references so it was totally worth it. This week we're anxious to contact the people we met in the cemetery and start teaching them! 
Shout out to Ethan for his mission call!! CONGRATS! Mexico loves the Del Toro's that's for sure! And Happy Birthday on Saturday Grandma, love you :)
That's about it for me, make it a fantastic week, love you all and thank you for all of your love and prayers :)
Love, Hermana Salchicha
                                         It rained a ton this week...
                                                         Kissy kissy!
                                                    In the cemetery!
                                                        The cemetery
                                                 Painting in the cemetery!!
                                       Night time in the cemetery ;)
                              Lions Club Eye Hospital!! Dad wants to come visit!!!
                                        All the Hermanas in the zone!

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