Monday, November 17, 2014

I Lovey You

Why hello everyone!
We had such a good week this week :) Hermana Portillo and I are working together so well and getting along great, she is a sweetheart and is learning so much and improving her teaching skills daily, it's amazing to watch her grow and be more comfortable! Something pretty funny happened this week, the people (men) here like to practice their english on me, usually they only know ´hey baby´ 'are you single?' 'I love you...' great stuff like that! We were walking to an appointement and this guy was walking toward us and stops all of a sudden, slaps himself and says 'oh my gosh, I lovey you.' I gave him a head nod and told hermana Portillo to walk fast! As we were walking away he just kept saying I lovey you, come back, I lovey you.. it was very flattering to say the least. :) haha We've been working more and more with the members, asking them for references and teaching their friends with them present. So far so good! That's how we met our cute little Rebekah and also we have a new investigator and he has a date to be baptized, but we'll see! We have hope, but he still needs to go to church a few times. His name is Steven and he is 18 years old, he's a student of one of the members, he told the member that he wanted to change his life for the better so the member gave us a call! So far so good :) The hardest thing for the people here is to go to church, that is the hardest thing for all of the missionaries in all of the mission, none of the investigators want to go to church, and it doesn't help that we have to take a 20 minute bus trip to get to the building. If they only knew with greater sacrifices comes even greater blessings! We're ready to have another great week and ready to work super hard as always! I sure love you all :) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Love, Hermana Brems
                When your companion desperately wants applesauce…you revert to Gerber
                                    Mission Leader, we bought him a cake!!!
                                                I was making a "D!"
                                                        Always sharing!!!!!
                                                  Hiking in green Guatemala!!!!!

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  1. Love reading the experiences you share, Jenna! I'm sure the sun shines brighter every day you are in Guatemala :-D It looks warm there, very tropical?? Loving your companion certainly contributes to focusing your efforts on the wonderful reason you are there. You look happy and are, no doubt giving this calling your all. I add my daily prayers for you to many others' who also love you! Enjoy this time -- it goes by so quickly (even though some days may seem to never end ;-) ) It's fun to see the pictures you post and recognize the joy you are spreading around you. Have a wonderful week. Be safe! HUGS!! <3 Aunt Zandra