Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let it Go, Let it Gooooo!

Hello everyone!
Another week down, the time is flying by right?! We have transfers next week.. I can hardly believe it. It's kind of a good thing that this change was a shorter one, being in a trio is tough... We had to have companionship inventory twice this week. Comp inventory is when you and your comp talk about whats going on, what we're doing well and what we need to improve on, usually it includes lots of tears... But we're good now, I'm just trying to remember that patience is a virtue, it's hard living with 2 Latinas... but other than that we're doing well. 
One reason we had to have comp inventory is because our area is not progressing, one of the hermana's does not like letting people go, even when they haven't progressed in months, so we had to talk about that. Finally we're down to the last week of 'this is the last time we're going to visit them.' haha! But we have a date for a baptism! His name is Jonathan, he is 14 years old, missionaries have been teaching him for like a year, but he's finally ready now! We just need to track down his mom so she can sign the paper so he can be baptized. I have faith that Heavenly Father will help us if we put in our best effort!
So we had a miracle happen yesterday, we called a ton of people before church to see if they were going to come, one of the hermana's said she would come but asked for us to wait for her in the park. Our church building is about 20 minutes away from our area so we take a bus, we got there at 12:25, she said she'd get there at 12:30... we waited until 1:15 in the park, church starts at 1. We walked in with our heads down realizing that they had already started with the talks.. we were so sad, hna portillo started crying, we had missed the sacrament.... We decided to check one more time to see if the hermana was outside and sure enough, she and her husband were just standing outside not sure whether or not to come in. We brought them in and the Elders said they hadn't passed the sacrament yet because they didn't have bread and they'd do it at the end. How blessed can we be? Well that's me! Have a great week everyone! :)
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                My umbrella is big enough!
                                                  We went for a hike today
                                                  I think I tired them out!!
                                                          Nice place for a pose!!!


  1. You are so incredible, Sister Brems! What an impact you are making to your area, your companions and on your own life! Obedience is the key to blessings so I have no doubt you are being blessed. You come from strong stalk and are such a courageous young woman! You are in my prayers every day! Don't forget you have angels round about you protect and testifying with you.
    I'm sending you a big HUG and lots of love! <3 Aunt Zandra

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