Monday, October 6, 2014

Devoted Discples!

Hey there!
Ahhh I'm shaking with excitement as I'm writing! The first week back in the field has been better than I expected, but of course a little bit of a roller coaster! I'm doing really well, I love my area, the people here are so nice, the members are always wanting to have us over and go on visitis with us! It's so nice! It's a lot cooler than my previous areas as well, thank goodness! I always thought that being in a trio would be awful, but I'm enjoying it a lot! My companions are Hermana Benavides from Nicaragua and Hermana Portillo from Honduras. Hna Portillo is being trained and has kind of been struggling, poor gal, (she's the short one). She told me the other day that her whole first change she had been praying that a North American would be her companion and that I am an answer to her prayers, how sweet right?! The house we live in is super nice too, we live on the 3rd story so there are 78 stairs, dragging my suit cases that all weighed 50 lbs was tough... but I really like it! How did everyone like conference?! It was really good huh? We used a phone from a member to listen to it in English, not ideal, but it's better than listening to it in spanish, so I won't complain! We had 4 investigators in the session when Elder Bednar spoke directly to the people that are not members of the church, it was perfect! I love that he said devoted disciples of Jesus Christ are always missionaries in every sense. Not his words exactly, but I had a hard time Saturday afternoon after conference, I was missing home, but I heard that and my way of looking at the mission has changed. I am a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, whom I know is my Savior and Redeemer. My spanish is coming back, my comps like to help me... I don't understand a lot, but in the lessons I'm solid so that's all that matters, the Spirit can speak to the people, not me, right?! haaha! I'm doing pretty well with adjusting to the Latin life, just not moving SO SLOW.... ahhh patience hermana Brems... hahaha! But yeah, everything is going really well. Oh I have a new address for letters, it's Mision Guatemala Coban
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02 zona 3
Coban AV 16001
Guatemala C.A.
I love you all so much, thank you for everything, for your prayers, support and love! Talk to you next week!
Love, Hermana Brems

                  Hermana Benavides (tall one) me and Hermana Portillo (short one)
                                                My area…so pretty huh?!
                                            Just crossing a bridge
                                                      At Conference

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