Monday, April 21, 2014

'I am thirsty'

Hey everyone!
I survived my first week in a new area and being a trainer!! I love it and I love Poptun, the city is small, but our area is huge! This week was Semana Santa so lots of people were here from different places. On Saturday we left our house at 12 and there was literally nobody in the street, all of the pacas, tiendas, everything was closed. We were like, what the heck happened? haha We finally found someone and asked what was going on, no worries everyone was at the river! I love learning the different traditions that people have! Well, this week work wise was great! Hermana Hernandez is a little timid to start lessons, but once we get going she's a rockstar, we love working together! We put 4 fechas this week, they aren't until June, but hey 4 people with a baptism date I think is pretty good! We had a really cool experience yesterday, so we had a member lined up and everything and we were waiting at the church and her husband called and told us she couldn't leave with us. So we decided to walk to another members house who lives close to the investigators that we wanted to visit. She left with us and we knocked on the door and the Uncle said everyone went to the market. Hna Hernanadez asked me what where to next so I thought of visiting a menos activo family, as we were walking to their house we found the invistigators, they are 3 little girls, Kimberly, Lisani, and Lian. Kimberly was learning how to drive a motorcycle in the street.. she's 11. Yeah, the kids here are bosses! haha! So we taught them and put a fecha, they are SO excited and fought over who was going to say the closing prayer, so cute! When we were walking back to the house Hna stopped me and said, 'thank you so much for listening to the spirit, when I heard they weren't home I thought we should head back to the other part of our area and we would have missed a great opportunity' That made me feel so good! What happened... Oh yeah, we do language practice and she's working on the sentence, I am thirsty, she can't quite get the 'th' sound down so it sounds like shirsity, but with an accent! Easter came and went real quick, the people were a little hard hearted yesterday, we tried to give a few pamphlets away and nobody would take a pamphelet because it was another faith.. and we asked one guy his name and he said he didn't have one because he came from Jesus, we were way confused.. But I am doing great and I'm loving the new area! Make this a great week :) Siguen echandola ganas!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                                                             Hotel/ranch for pday!! Yay for Poptun!!
 Decorating the streets with pretty designs like this!

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  1. Hola Hermana Brems!
    I am missing your updates. How are you doing? I hope things are going great for you. Will you get to attend the General Conference broadcast? That was always such a shot-in-the-arm (still is, actually!) :-D
    Are you serving in the Poptun area still with Sister Hernandez? How is your teaching pool? No doubt, YOU are an incredible servant of the Lord! It has been so enjoyable to read some of your experiences during your mission. Obedience is the key -- the Spirit is guiding you <3
    Take good care. Know that you are receiving lots of prayers and those promised angels are assisting you :-) Love and miss you, Aunt Zandra