Monday, April 7, 2014


Wasn't conference just the best?! Ahhh.. I could go on and on for hours about it, but I'll only hit on some of the highlights... Elder Nelson's talk on faith, Elder Hales talk on Obedience.. I loved when he said that when people choose to disobey it's because they love Satan more than God.. I definitely want to use that in a few lessons with some choice investigators... hahaha! I loved Elder Scott's talk on being an example, I always love hearing from him because he always talks about his sweet wife Jeanine, I hope I can be a woman like her someday! Did anyone else feel like they were on a roller coaster ride when they listened to Elder Zwick's talk about communication? I definitely want to listen to a book on tape from him! haha What in the world were you thinking? yeah.. that was such a good one! But I think my favorite talk was Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Gratitude, how that is the cataylst to all of the attributes of Christ. It was perfectly timed too because Hermana De Leon and I did a workshop on that during zone meeting this passed week. Of course I loved the talk about how this life is like a 4 minute race in the olympics, so true! Ahh, Conference was the best and fastest 8 hours of my life, I totally received inspiration and revelation for myself, investigators, and family! 
This week was full of service, Friday morning we helped a less active member move... never help Guatemalans move. We were moving beds and as we were holding the bed she just kept piling more and more stuff, blankets, a toaster oven, celery, shoes, I learned my lesson, but she was way appreciative and went to conference the next day :) Saturday morning we helped build a stage at a school. We just dug the holes for the stage, and we got to use a pick so I was super excited! Even though I got a few gnarly blisters and the next day my whole body was way sore, it was worth it :) haha. 
Our dream/miracle investigator from last week turned into a creep. He kept calling us and sending us text messages, so we gave him as a reference to the ZL's. When he ended one of the messages 'in the name of Jesus Christ, amen' that was it for us.. nonetheless he was talking in vosotros and begging us to finish what we had started with him.. we had taught him 1 lesson haha. Well that's it from the week! I'm doing great and we're getting ready for changes, we'll find out Saturday night! Have a great week!
Love, Hermana Brems
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