Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poptun Poptun!

Hello Everybody!
SO much has changed in the last 3 days.. Giuliana is a baptized and confirmed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!! It was the most beautiful baptism I have ever been to. They don't have any baptism close for little kids so se borrowed a really pretty white skirt from one of the members and she used one of my white shirts. We asked her before who she wanted to speak and share their testimonies so we got everything lined up. She had a TON of family members come to her baptism and lots of ward members too! We took pictures and Latin Standard time, we started 45 minutes late.. but everything was beautiful. It was really funny, during the opening prayer her grandma kept saying amen and si es cierto! haha We had a few talks and testimonies, the 6 missionaries, hna De Leon and I included, that are in the rama sang, Cuando Me Bautice and then she got baptized.. twice! haha The first time, the hermano forgot to say amen.. so he did it again! Her grandma bought her the most beautiful white dress to put on after so we took pictures again, I made a cake for everyone that came. Sunday she was confirmed, we told her to wear the same little dress.. she looked like an angel and she said she feels so good and so happy! 
We usually find out changes Saturday night so we have a chance to say goodbye to everyone.. well changes weren't done so we waited until Sunday. I got a call from the Assistance to the President, they told me that my new are is Poptun, it's 2 hours away from my old area, and I am finishing the training of Hermana Hernandez! She has had 6 weeks in the field, and I'm finishing her last 6. She is the cutest little Nicaraguan, she is way shy and timid, but so sweet! The AP's called me because she had to go to the cap yesterday and sign her visa. The bus was leaving at 10 pm for the capital. This was at like 4:30, we were 30 minutes aways from our house and they said I had to be at the bus stations to go to Poptun at 5:30 with all of my bags packes.. Hna De Leon and I ran back to the house, we stopped and said goodbye to Giuliana, I cried.. ugh my little angel. We made miracles happen and got all of my stuff packed in 35 minutes and made it to the station on time. We arrieved in Poptun 2 hours later, got on the bus at 10, arrived in the cap at 6 and literally waited ALL day. I have never sat so much in my life. Our bus left from the cap to Poptun at 3, didn't leave until 4, there was a TON of traffic, so to make a long story short.. we got home at 1:30 this morning. We're ready to work hard and I'm excited to get to know a new area!
Happy Easter to everyone, I can't believe April is half over!! Time is flying.. Love you all!
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                              Making tortillas!              
                                                Giuliana's baptism

  It's not the best picture..but we slept on a bus, give us a break!! ha ha Hermana Hernandez :)

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