Monday, March 17, 2014

Pensamientos Delgaditos!

Hello again!
How is everyone?! Another great week in Guate, as always, the weather has been nice to us, but everyone says it's just a tease, the real heat is gonna come in a few weeks! I'm ready, I think..? We had Zone Meeting this week, we have them every month and usually they are great, but kinda boring and we end up just thinking about how hungry we are than anything. This one was way different, we had a practice where we taught a lesson and shared the gospel to one of our best friends who isn't a member. We always do practices of lessons in our house, but never have I felt the spirit so strong in a practice, I was in tears! After we taught the lesson they asked us how we felt and if we feel like that during all of our lessons. Everyone was just kind of quiet because we realized what was going  on, why can't we teach every lesson with that kind of spirit and love? Everyone is our brothers and sisters and should be our best friend, it was way neat. I have been changing my teaching habits a lot this change. Another thing that was way cool that they had us do in the meeting was they had us all go to separate rooms and pray as a companionship about an investigator that we can baptize in the month of March. It was my turn to say the prayer and I was way nervous because it was kind of a big deal.. haha but after the prayer we just knelt for like 2 minutes then said the same name at the same time, prayers really do work! haha We had a really cool lesson yesterday. We're good friends with a recent convert, she's 19 and got baptized in September last year. Her mom has come to church a few times, but the missionaries before us didn't teach her. We've been trying forever to try to get ahold of her and we finally did like 2 weeks ago and taught a lesson and invited her to baptism, she said she would be baptized, but needs lots of time and needs to get married, so yesterday she came to church and then we visited her last night. We brought one of the members who lost her husband 5 years ago and has 3 kids under the age of 12. We taught my favorite lesson, the family :) The sister shared her testimony about how families are forever and she misses her husband, but feels very calm about it because she was married in the temple and has nothing to worry about, she just needs to live the best she can. Then I shared something, I really don't remember what I said, I think  I just talked about my family and how I want to live with them forever and then when I have my husband I can be married in the temple for eternity and teach my kids the same.. Really I don't remember what I said, but after the spirit was so strong. We just kinda sat in silence for about a minute, we invited her to baptism, she was in tears and said she is going to talk to her husband tonight about getting married and if all goes well she wants to be baptized in April! We're crossing our fingers :) Today we went to caves near our area as a district, I have an new found appreciation for Nephi, holy smokes, we had a lot of complainers in our group... we were a little lost, but I wasn't worried, we're servants of the Lord right?! haha When we found our way back they rejoiced, then we kinda got lost again, and they complained, then when we made it to the promised land, or the mouth of the cave, they rejoiced.. ugh, poor Nephi, how annoying! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I sure love you all :)
Love, Hermana Brems
                                                            Love you!!
Don't mind my sweaty face haha! One of the members gave us coconuts…and yes I drank all of the milk! Blah...
 Then I hit it with a machete :)
Success :)
Cave, before when everyone was happy!
Skinny thoughts!

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