Monday, March 24, 2014

When the dog bites, When the bee stings

Don't worry, I didn't get bit by a dog, or stung by a bee.. but I did get stung by a scorpion!! 
How is everyone doing?! How was your week? This week was so good, we noticed lots of little miracles that happen in our lives everyday. We went to a few members houses to ask for references for people that we could teach and none of them were home, we had one last idea to visit a menos activo family and we were both like.. uhh I hope we don't waste our time here haha. The mom has been a member for a while and her husband got baptized, went to church for 2 sundays after and then said he never wanted to go back. We knocked on the door and the mom welcomed us in and was SO happy to see us. We had never talked to this lady before in our lives and she was hugging us and was so happy to see us and have us in her home. We sang a song, had a prayer, shared a scripture, then asked if she knew anyone that would benefit from the gospel. She burst in to tears. She said that today she and her husband were having the most problems they've ever had and then we knocked on the door and filled her home with the spirit. She asked us if we could visit her family like once a week, just to bring more joy and happiness. She studies on the weekends and can't go, but reads the scriptrures everyday and has family home evening. It's amazing how soft and still the spirit works, we didn't even have a plan to visit her and we felt prompted to knock on the door and we absolutely made her day! 
On Thursday we went to Libertad for divistions, it's like 45 minutes away from Santa Elena. We got there and had studies then went our seperate ways. I always learn so much from divisions, I really like the style that hermana De Leon and I teach, but it's always good to learn different methods. Anyway, when we were teaching it started pouring and the power throughout the city went out so we were completely in the dark.. 2 gringas in the middle of nowhere, my companion had only been in that area for 3 weeks so she didn't know where we were at either. We finished the lesson then went to look for our companions, we met them at the church, bought candles, and got back to work. It was way fun teaching in candle light actually, it felt like Joseph Smith time, especially when I said the first vision.. that was sweet!! haha We finished up, went to bed, then the next morning Hermana De Leon went to the bathroom and was like, we have a huge problem!! We all went in to see a huge black scorpion on the wall eating a cockaroach.. I've killed a bunch of scorpions in my lifetime so it was no big deal for me! I hit it with a broom and then stepphed on it.. and it stung me... but I was it's last victim so no worries! About 5 minutes after that happened my foot, lips and tounge went numb.. I wasn't too worried until we called the nurse and she freaked out and told us we had to go to the clinic right away, well after a 45 minute bus ride we got to the clinic. It was a joke really, they washed my foot and gave me a shot, I still have a battle wound from that haha :) But I'm back to normal, water doesn't fall out of my mouth when I drink anymore due to the numbness! After the clinic we got home to an army of ants eating a cockaroach and lizard trying to join the party.. animals and Hermana Brems didn't get along this week! haha
I hope you have a great week!! Love you all :)
Love, hermana Brems
                                              Lesson in candle light!
                                        Tan line/swollen foot!
                                               The Clinic!
                                                            The Clinic!
                                                Juliana did my hair! How cool right?!
    P-day today! We had a guerra de angelicas and capture the flag..we're Coban's Angels :)

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