Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Halfway!

Why hello friends and family! Again, the 'enter' key isn't working so I apologize! It's hump week in the CCM, woohoo! 3 weeks down, 3 to go. Last week literally flew by, I feel like it was Preparation day 2 days ago. Last week we went to the market, it was so much fun! They had stuff piled from the floor to the ceiling, lots and lots of colors, leather, cloth, ahh it was nuts! I love Guatemala, if I could only get the language down :) haha! Everyday we have 'investigators' to teach, they're just our teachers that pretend to be someone they taught on their mission. I was teaching Lucia Lopez, we were talking about families and what not. Oh my gosh I just started bawling!! I was a little frustrated because I wanted to be able to say what was in my heart in Spanish, but I didn't know how.. oh well.. but I sure do love my family and I love knowing that we can be together forever. We got a new batch of Hispanos last Wednesday. They are all really nice and super friendly. Our roommates are way sweet, I told one of them that everyday in the CCM gets better so don't worry! On Sunday her companion was not having a good day and just broke down crying after church, she said that she told her comp. what I had said and it brought comfort to her, I'm glad I could help a sista out! haha! Oh and the first few nights that they got here were awful, one of them has an infection in her throat and she snores SO loud! I swear the windows shake.. I pray everynight that I'll be able to sleep and the Lord really does bless me! When we got a new batch of missionaries our schedule changed so we have sports at 8 pm.. I didn't really like it at first because you're in a classroom all day and all of the North Americans work out then too, so it's super crowded. It's been nice to get to know the other hermanas better though and we have more time at night to write in our journals and shower, so it's not all bad! I realized I hadn't told you about my companera Hermana Cabral! She is from Brazil, and has 3 older sisters and a younger brother. She learned English and like 3 other languages in school then went to BYUI for 2 years, yes she definitely has the gift of tongues! She is 23 and is going to serve in Panama, she's the first Brazilian sister to ever serve in Panama which I think is way cool! Her dad is a mission president in Santus Brazil (I'm sure I spelt that wrong..) and all of her siblings have served a mission. We get along really really well and are already planning on meeting up sometime in Idaho when we get back! I got my scripture case today, ahhh it looks so sick!! I can't wait to send a picture of it :) Last P-day we got to take our cameras to the market, so I have gotten to document a few things, just 3 more weeks :) haha! Well I am doing really well, I love my job being a missionary! I miss all of you so much, not a day goes by that I don't think about each one of you! Take care! Love, your favorite hermana, Hermana Brems

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