Monday, February 23, 2015

Giardia and Elena Garcia

¡Ch'ona! ¿Ma sa sa'ach'ol?
Yeah that's k'ekchi for hey, how are you? Crazy right?! There's lots of K'ekchi speakers here in Coban! We found a new part of our area this week and it's pure k'ekchi, but we're super stoked! We contacted for 3 hours asking for 'Elena Garcia' just a way to break the ice :) Lots of people will listen to us if we ask them a question first, then ask to give them a pamphlet :) Yes we got this contacting thing down to a science!
The weather here is crazy! It's freezing and rainy for a few days then super hot with a ton of sun (I love it!) and then at night back to cold! But it's made everyone sick.. especially my comp :( It was super chafa, we couldn't work for a whole day because she was bad and took medicine and slept for 13 hours.. I got a lot of studying in :) I was reading a few Ensign's and loved some of the quotes, so I'll share em with ya!
'When we choose to follow Him, He really takes good care of us.'
'The more we try to get to the Lord's house, the more Satan tries to get us to give up before we get them belssing.'
'When we receive a prompting to serve, it is better to act and listen to the prompting then to wait around. Yes a special flower, homemade cookies, or a card are nice, but not essentioal. Timing and obedience are more important and we'll be given more opportunities to serve.'
'The more grateful we are the easier it is to recognize the blessings we receive and appreciate the lessons we learn from difficulties.'
So good right?! :)
We had divisions this week, my comp is from Mexico City and LOVES Guadalajara, we had lots to talk about :) haha but when we were on divisions I tries to answer the phone, but my hands were freezing and I dropped it in a puddle.... but it still lives!!! Woo :)
Yesterday we had a miracle, this week we were contacting and we met a lady named Daisy a pamphlet, she said she didn't have time to listen to us right then, but come back another day. Well we saw her in church yesterday and after we went to her house. Her neighbor invited her to go to church and she went! We invited her to be baptized and she said in time, yes! She's married (which is super rare) and has 3 little girls. She's definitely a chosen daughter of God :) I'm so excited for her!
Oh and I found out I have Giardia... I'm taking super nasty meds, but hopefully it'll make the little bug go away!
Have a great week :) Can you believe next week is March? What??? Time is flying! Love you!
Love, Hermana Brems 
                                                                A normal cold day
                                      The new area! There are people, I promise...
                                                           New Area!!!!
                                                           Hermana Escobar and I!!!
                                                               Lovin the Sun!!!!!


  1. Love your letter except for the girardia. Take your meds and keep well. Love you our dear missionary!

  2. Hi Jenna Brems. God bless you and your partnership Escobar. When you can upload a Chippy Chippy video for us, because we miss the weather time. We wanna see the soft raining time. I was born in Cobán and I'm living here in West Palm Beach Florida now. Thank you and I know you can do that for me. Thanks again.

  3. Hi- I appreciate your time spent serving a mission in Guatemala! I am with the Liahona Children's Foundation, and we serve 22 stakes in Guatemala. ( This Summer we are hosting "Nutritours" in Guatemala for people to come participate in our child nutrition screenings and other meaningful service, and do a little sight-seeing. We would love to tell you more about our organization and have you help us spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested in supporting our work in Guatemala. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions jessicawilkinson @ liahonachildren (dot) org. Thank you for your service!