Monday, February 9, 2015

El Chippy chippy

Yoohoo hello family!!
How is everyone doing?! I seriously feel like I've come back into modern times after having spent a week here in Coban! Today we went to buy groceries and there were things like Goldfish, chexmix, peanut butter... Subway, mcdonalds... my mind is going crazy! There are so many things that I haven't had in all of my mission here in Coban like the weather, it's absolutely freezing! It rains a lot, they call it chippy chippy when it's sprinkling and oh boy it's done a lot of chippy chippying! But that's okay because there are HOT SHOWERS!!! Ahhhhh and I have a shower head for the first time too! The water is hotter with less pressure so you better believe I shower with just a trickle :) haha I am in a ward, totally different than a branch, they had all of the teachers there, what?!? that never happens! haha The area is really small, but Hermana Escobar said that there are lots of miracles and I am learning that to be very true! I love my companion, we get along super well, she's a sweetheart! She's from Panama and just about has 9 months in the mission! She's a lot of fun and she tells me everyday how much she likes having me as a comp, 1 because we're the same size so walking together isn't a problem! And 2 because she says I'm obedient, but very relaxed, patient, and understanding when things come up! It makes me feel so good :) I'm super happy :) Oh we put a baptism date with a lady that just gave birth and she said that she can't walk or read for 40 days after giving birth.. what??? A little different, but she accepted a baptism date for late March. The poor Elders here, they are 18 and 19 years old, they have 4 and 5 months in the mission, one of them is the DL and they are both new to the area and gringos. Hna Escobar said that she thinks they look up to me as their mom... just call me hermana momma Brems or Salchicha, that nickname kinda stuck with me! Have a great week and Happy Valentines Day :)
Love, Hermana Brems
                                       Yes I wore my raincoat and loved it!
Hermana Escobar and Hermana Portillo
                                                            Cooking at a members house
                                                          A little bit of the area
                                                 Warming up with my hair dryer :)
                                                        And I wore my boots
                                                 The house is tiny, but there are hot showers :)
                                                               My closet
                                                                My desk


  1. We are glad you are in civilization now. We so admire your grit. What a great example you are. Love you granddaughter!

  2. It was such fun to read this and hear about your mission. What great and interesting experiences you are having. Wow, we admire you, keep up the good work. May Heavenly Father's blessings be with you. Love from Uncle Gary and Aunt LaRae